Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My gazpacho recipe

Spring is here and today we have a beatiful and sunny day. The best you can do is to go out and enjoy it.

Today is a perfect day to make "gazpacho". It´s an easy recipe and it will take you only a few minutes. It´s a healthy dish, plenty of vitamines and it´s really tasty and refreshing.

"Gazpacho" is the perfect recipe for the summer time. I make it quite often. It´s perfect when you have it cold. Put some ice cubes before serving it. I think this is better than having it in the fridge, because you´ll need at least half an hour to get it cold and the vitamins will be lost.


1 Kilo tomatoes
1 Red pepper
1 Clove of garlic
1 Slice of onion
1/2 Cup of good olive oil
2 Spoons of good wine vinegar
2 Cups of fresh water
A pinch of cumin (if you like)
Ice cubes

Just put all together in a food processor and puree it. Serve with chopped in small peaces tomato, pepper and onion.
A good idea for a formal dinner is to make a gazpacho and serve it with either prawns or serrano ham.


  1. this is the best "gazpacho"

  2. This recipe looks very tasty and I particularly like that it's not thickened with bread. Just fresh and tasty veggies!

  3. Thank you Kasey. I hope you enjoy it