Saturday, September 28, 2013

Quince paste

Quince paste is a very delicious autumnal dessert and quince paste with manchego cheese is the best dessert of the fall.

Some days ago our friend José gave us a present, a big bag of aromatic quinces. The quinces aroma filled the whole kitchen and smelled delicious.
I soon began to make quince paste.


3 Big quinces
The juice of 1 lemon

Wash the quinces very carefully, cored and cut them roughly. Now weight the quinces and pour the lemon juice, the quinces and the same weight of sugar in a casserole. Keep it in the fridge and wait for 8 hours or all the night. After that time there will be some juice from the quince.

Simmer the mix of quinces, the juice, sugar and lemon until the quince is tender. Purée the mix in a food processor and cook it again until it gets a beautiful orange color and it turns thick. Be careful because it´s very hot and sticky, just like a volcano, and it could pop out of the casserole.

The granny´s way to know when is ready is to insert a wooden spoon in the quince paste. If the spoon remains upright it´s ready.

Pour the paste in a mold. When it is cold you can enjoy it in a toast with some foie gras, adding it to a green salad or my favorite, with manchego cheese.


  1. You can also make Syrup with cores and the peel, so nothing is thrown away :-) I definitely will try your recipe today

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