Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mango-lemon ice cream (helado de mango y limón)

Some days ago a friend of my husband gave him some mangos. They were small but very aromatic. We ate some of them these days but now they´re ripening very quickly and I decided to make something with them before they spoil. I surf the Internet and I found this recipe in one of my favorites cuisine blogs: "Directo al paladar". The original one is made with mango, lime and mint but I didn´t have lime and mint so I decided to make it with lemon and spearmint. It´s also delicious.


1 Big ripen mango or 2 small mangos
50g of Powdered sugar
50g of Glucose
500g of Natural yogurt (without sugar or fruits)
The juice of 1 big lime/lemon or 2 small limes/lemons
1 Spoon of chopped mint/spearmint leaves.

Peel the mango and cut it in pieces. Put the mango, the mint leaves, the sugar, the glucose, the yogurt and the lime/lemon juice in a food processor . Blend it until you get a thin cream. Next, pour the cream in the ice cream maker machine and follow the maker indications to make ice cream( different ice cream makers, different indications).

* The glucose makes it smooth and helps control the formation of sugar crystals . If you don´t have any glucose you can replace it for honey, corn syrup or make this mix:
1 Kilo of sugar
300 ml of Fresh water
5g of Lemon juice
5g of Bicarbonate of soda

Heat the water, the sugar and the lemon juice. When it boils, apart it from the fire and wait until it cools to 50º C (122ºF) and add the bicarbonate. Take 50 g and keep the rest for another ice creams.( very recommended.. mmmm)

* There´re several ways to make ice cream without ice cream machine. This one is very funny


  1. Qué suave y refrescante con su punto de limón. Me ha encantado esta receta y la voy a hacer muy pronto.


  2. Está buenísimo, Zaida, y se hace en un momento. Ya me contarás

  3. No soy dada a los helados, pero este de limón debe ser muy fresco, me encanta.
    Un beso.

  4. This is one dessert am looking forward to try it out. Nice photos.

  5. I hope you like it, Tres Delicious.

  6. Mango and Spearmint - sounds just so refreshing! Thank you for this recipe and especially for the glucose replacement - makes it even easier to prepare!


  7. mmmmm!
    perfecto para combatir el calor de estos días!:)
    me apunto la receta porque pienso hacerla, seguro!;) muchas gracias por tus increibles posts! siempre visito tu blog en busca de inspiración!!