Yogurt Trifle with gelatin and peaches. (Trifle de yogurt con gelatina y melocotones)

We are in August, today is very hot and the last thing you would like to do is cooking or baking but we want to make some cool dessert for the dinner.
My daugther Isabel and me were looking for something easy to do without hot cooking. We looked up in some books and in the Internet and at the end we decided to use some sponge cake rests and make a trifle. This is a british dessert. Originally it takes custard and cream with some fruit and rests of sponge cake or cookies but you can make it with whatever you want. The idea is using some leftovers you have.

1 strawberry gelatin individual packet
2 big peach
The rest of a sponge cake
3 greek yogurts
½ cup of orange juice
We´re going to need some glass cups or a big bowl

Before to start, on the previous day, in some crystal glasses, put the gelatine already made in less than 1/2 way of the glass (see photo). Peel the peaches and cut them in pieces. Place this pieces around the glass over the gelatine. Chop in little pieces the sponge cake and put it over the pieces of peach. Pour the orange juice over the sponge cake. Now cover it with the sugary yogurt. You can put on top some jam or honey and little pieces of fruit.


  1. Tu presentación es más que bella! Es preciosa!! Y los sabores... los colores... todo un arte!


  2. Hermoso! y tremendamente original, me encanta.

  3. Espectacular!! Tu hija y tú no podiais haber hecho algo más delicioso.

  4. Gracias Valerie. Me alegro de que te guste

  5. Kako, muchas gracias por tu comentario

  6. Te puedo asegurar que estaba riquísimo, Zaida, a toda la familia le encantó

  7. So pretty! I love the fruit in the gelatine. It looks so yummy :)

  8. Beautiful trifle!!!! Very original...

  9. Wow, it looks very elegant. I like it.. I enjoy this blog. Keep it up. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Paz, I just found out about your blog through the Evento Photo Blog! What a nice surprise! :) Your photos are stunning. Good job!

  11. I really appreciate that you, a photography teacher, like my work:)


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